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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Tour: In My Dreams Guest Post - Spirits

A special thanks to Sabrina, Suzanne, and Ashi at Cup of Tea Reviews for having me!

My post today is on Spirits.

Do I personally believe in them? Yes.

Have I had any experiences? Hell, yes.

Spirit Encounters:

I live in Hawaii, a place many call paradise, but paradise also has its dark side.
There are countless tales and legends of spirits. Here are a few.

Let’s start with the night marchers. A group of spirit warriors who march just after dark, or just before the sun rises. It is said that anyone who looks upon the marchers, or is seen by one… will die, unless you have kin that is marching. They do give warning s before they march… it is said that you’ll hear drums, conch shells blowing, and even see torches. If you lie on the ground, face down, they won’t see you. Some say that this only helps if you’re naked. (I wonder who came up with that one!)

Then we have the myths of the little people called Menehunes, who live in the forests and hidden valleys of the islands. They are island dwarfs. They are master craftsmen, and love bananas, and fish.

And lastly… Madame Pele, the volcano goddess. Witnesses have seen her near the volcano, walking on the forest roads, sometimes hitchhiking. She is beautiful, has long black hair, and is seen wearing a crimson dress. It is said that if she is seen with a white dog, this is a warning that an eruption is soon to follow.

Now… my personal experiences.

I vividly remember a house we lived in when I was about five years old. Lightly putting it… it was haunted. Everyone that visited had some type of experience, whether big or small. But the experiences I had there were terrifying, to say the least.

My younger brother and I shared a bedroom at the back of the old house. The back yard had a hill that sloped downward towards our room. It was filled with many different types of fruit trees, and dead, dried leaves which covered the dirt ground. To get to the back yard, you’d have to unlatch a metal gate on the side of the house, and swing it open (which made a loud noise).

One night, after our mom finished reading us a story, turned off the lights, and went to bed, my brother and I heard the metal gate unlatch, swing open, and then re-latch. What was even more horrifying is when we heard footsteps crunching in the dried leaves outside our bedroom windows.

The first few times, we ran out of the room screaming. My mom and dad would turn on all the lights, and scour the backyard only to find - nothing… (Of course) As time went on, we just learned to deal with it. But then… things started happening to me.

One frightful night, I woke up on my stomach, with my head pressed down into my pillow. I couldn’t turn my head for air, because my body was frozen, paralyzed. I remember how hard it was to breathe, and how hot the air was in my pillow from my panting. My parents were Christians, so I started praying, and not too long after that, my body released from the pressure, and I turned, gasping precious air. Like I said… I was only five, and this became almost a nightly thing. I never wanted to go to sleep, and was literally terrorized by whatever it was. It was a happy day when we moved out of that house.

Another experience I had was when my husband and I moved into a small cottage, after getting married. The landlady lived in the main house at the front of the property.

Everything was alright for the first month, UNTIL… one night, after going to bed, I got the “press”. That’s when you feel like something is sitting on your chest, putting pressure on you, and you cannot move, or speak. I remember glancing at my husband, sound asleep, and tried to yell to him for help, but not a sound escaped my lips… This was my first experience, of many nights to follow.

My husband had no experiences, which sucked, because I felt like a loony… UNTIL… one night we were lying in bed, when all of a sudden we heard music blaring from our empty bedroom. My husband got out of bed, and went into the room to find that our tape player had been turned on. Now, this was a cassette player. Remember those plastic, square things that were replaced by CD’s? The only way to turn it on is to press down the play button, and… it was pressed down, with no one around. (?)

Another night, in that same cottage, I actually saw a spirit. At least I thought that’s what it was. My son was a newborn, and for some reason he wouldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t figure out why, so I took him into the living-room so my husband could sleep. After a few hours, my son finally fell asleep, so I turned off the TV, and tried to get some sleep. I instantly had this eerie feeling, like something was watching me. I happened to glance down the hallway and witnessed a white mist, just randomly floating there. Suddenly it shot toward me, and I felt a heavy pressure on my chest. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t scream, and all I could remember doing was praying. It finally released me, and dissipated into the kitchen. I ran and woke my husband. That scared the bejesus outta me!

We moved several times after that, and since then… life has been normal. I haven’t had any more experiences.

Are there really spirits that linger here on earth? Do you believe in them? Just something to chew on…

Thanks again!

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