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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harmless Adjustment by Kerry Kinlan

Title: Harmless Adjustment

Author: Kerry Kinlan

Pages: 22

Reviewed by: Sabrina

John knows he can’t change the past, can’t undo the one thing he now wishes he had dealt with differently. But what if he can change the painful memories of it in his wife’s mind? Would that bring instant healing to her and to their relationship?

My Thoughts

Since this is a short story, I have to make this a somewhat short review or else I’d be giving the whole story away. In fact, I had to keep rewriting this review because I kept giving spoilers.

John is a man who loves his wife but simply cannot take her constant moping, nagging, crying, uncaring demeanour that has been there ever since they had to move in with his resentful brother years ago. Now of course, they moved out and are well away from him but his wife still can’t forget the past. So what happens when he has a chance to make her forget?

I thought that magic should have appeared much more in the story or be explained. John should have put more effort into making his wife happy rather than taking the easy way out. Other than that, Harmless Adjustment was interesting. 

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