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Monday, August 1, 2011

Quest of the Demon by M.L. Sawyer

Title: Quest of the Demon

Author: M.L. Sawyer

Publisher: Equilibrium Books

Pages: 277

Reviewed by: Sabrina

Darci is your average every day sixteen year old girl who plays basketball and lives in an ordinary country town. Her life changes forever as she is 'accidentally zapped' to the land of Nahaba by the apprentice wizard Taslessian.

Within hours of her unexpected arrival, both teens are thrust into a dangerous journey to the cave of Grisham the Great, who will hopefully be able to send her home. When they get there however Darci soon finds out that there is no such things as accidents and that their journey is only just beginning.

My Thoughts

The Quest of the Demon starts right away and doesn't stray. Darci is magically transported to another world by a young wizard apprentice named Taslessian. Taslessian had somehow brought her here and doesn't know how to put her back. Domati, an evil wizard, senses her arrival and comes after them. Taslessian's master tries to buy them time, losing his own life in the process. They escape and are brought to one of the last great
dragons, Grisham. He sends them on a quest, along with a warrior, an elf and a knight. They are sent to stop a war that is coming between the North and the South of Nahaba. Darci is important to this mission and is their only hope to stop the war. The thing is that she doesn't know how.

I'm not quite used to third-person omniscient point of view, or is it just third person? I was confused at some parts and I had to read back to figure out what was going on. Other than that, it was very well-written. Quest of the Demon is rich with vivid descriptions. The creatures in the world are interesting. I liked reading about the life there. Quest of the Demon had just enough action and a grand adventure.

I liked that Darci didn't freak out that much when she was transported to another world. She sort of accepted the responsibility on her shoulders. Her relationship with Taslessian was great at first but I need more sparks! Lief did much more than him!

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