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Friday, September 23, 2011

Defiance by G.C. Naffin

Title: Defiance (The Successor Series #1)

Author: G.C. Naffin

Pages: 191

Reviewed by Sabrina

With her nation at war and her parents lost on the front lines, 16-year-old Vivian must find the strength to leave home and become a spy among her own people. There is only one problem: her parents are the king and queen, and she their only heir. Vivian must find the strength to leave home and become a spy among her own people—in order to discover the fate of her parents and assume the throne in their stead. On the other hand, if Vivian falls victim to their fate, the throne of Iledora will pass to her detestable aunt, Jaileene. Unexpectedly thrust into a tempest of political and imperial intrigue, Vivian is left with only two options. She must find her parents and bring them home, or stand back and watch as her country falls into the hands of the enemy. Armed only with a new alias, two trusted guards, and her stolid determination, Vivian scours the country for any information leading to her parents. However simple her intentions of returning them to the throne may be, her journey is complicated by challenges she'd not foreseen: encountering love, trusting in the unknown, and being at the mercy of the Bulvan emperor she swore to conquer.

My Thoughts

Review Time!

Vivian is the kind of girl who doesn’t like to sit still, do nothing and be a good little princess that gets to hide inside her little castle. She takes things into her own hands. She makes the action. She cares a lot about her kingdom, doing what’s best to protect it. She stands up to the rights of women, saying that they're just as equal as men (Booyah!) and takes down anyone who says otherwise.

Declan and Revin are like the north and south poles; completely opposite of each other. They went through the same war, side by side, ending up in different places.

The fate of Iledora is in their hands. Finding Vivian's parents are the only way to restore stability to the throne-or is it?

To be honest, at first, I did not care at all about the characters or what was going to happen to them. When something incredibly amazing or sad or insane happened to them, I would just be like, “Okay..... hmm…… oh well, next page.” I didn’t have a sense of what’s going on at some times. Even though I didn't care, I'm happy that it wasn't a story that concentrated to much on action. Towards the end, I became more interested in the story and the characters.

The book is taken at a slow pace, which I loved so I could get a hold on the world. In some parts, it was too slow. The ending was abrupt and immediately, I searched if there could be a sequel because there is no way a book should be cut off like that and have no sequel. I'm excited to read more!

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  1. I really love the cover to this book and it sounds like the kind of story I'd be interested in reading.


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