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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Secret Power Beneath by Frank Acland

Title: The Secret Power Beneath (Free Energy World #1)

Author: Frank Acland

Pages: 140

Reviewed by: Sabrina

Hans Swensen holds a position of great responsibility in a hidden nation built in a subterranean cave system beneath the mountain wilderness of Norway . His people are able to exist in secret because of the discovery of an inexhaustible form of energy that has led to the development of a society more technologically advanced than anywhere on earth. While physically utopian, there is an oppressive side to this society, with a totalitarian form of government in place which is fearful of dissent, disorder and abvove all, discovery by the outside world.

Hans knows something that imperils his people, and he must fight against all odds -- including his cousin, Fredrick, the President of the Nation of Bergsland -- to save his people from destruction.

When two young vacationers stumble upon this strange world accidentally, they are taken captive and find themselves caught up in events that test them to the very core -- and become involved in a drama that will determine their own future, the future of this nation and the secret power that drives it.

My Thoughts

Will and his sister, Natalie, go on vacation, they never expect to find a hidden world. After an avalanche that separated them from the others, they travel on, in search of a way out. Meanwhile, Hans Swensen is on a mission against his cousin, Fredrick, ruler of this lost world.

This is more for those who want action and adventure. The Secret Power Beneath was interesting and a bit exciting. I guess the main problem was that, again, that it was slow at some parts and this book may have not been much of my cup of tea. But do not let that discourage you from getting The Secret Power Beneath because that's just my opinion.

The author was able to make a fantastic concept of how a world remained hidden for all these years, who, like others, wish to remain hidden. The Secret Power Beneath is good for a quick read that will help you enjoy and pass the time.


  1. I've always loved books about secret worlds. Makes me feel as if it could happen to me at any time. Action and adventure is my kinda thing so I'll check this out!

  2. Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks very much for reading and posting the review!

    Frank Acland


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