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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Unchosen Life by Danka V.

Author: Danka V.

Release Date: 8/30/11

Pages: 238 

One soul mate… One true love… And the fact that they are not the same person!

People believe that every soul has its other half somewhere in the world. A soul mate or so I’ve been told, and they spend a lifetime seeking that other half, hoping to find it… I don’t need to hope anymore because mine found me… And tried to take my life! Today, twenty-four years since I was born, I finally do believe that there is a true love in life and that somewhere out there, there is that other one who will, once they show up, complete your own soul. But I learned much too late that they are not the same thing! My name is Elena Wolchek and this is my story.

My Thoughts

The Unchosen Life is a love story with a small touch of supernatural. Elena has always felt that there was something mysterious about her, even the people she's with had noticed from the beginning. A series of strange dreams and an encounter with her other half, help her realize her power. Instead of being satisfied, she's terrified and wishes to have a normal life. She just wants to be happy with her loved one, not get killed by her soul mate.

Elena is your headstrong, tough girl, who can sometimes be too stubborn for her own good. She desperately tries to distance herself from falling in love because she's not only afraid that they'll get hurt, she's also afraid of the pain that comes after it. She's a wonderful character at times and it was nice to see her heart finally opening up.

The pacing was a little slow, along with the plot. There are some info dumps that cause the story falter and be unbalanced at times, but I loved the concept of the story. Bittersweet moments and missed chances filled the pages. The Unchosen Life is a nice read that I would recommend for those of you who love humor and romance. Hopefully, the next book will have more action and focas on the paranormal side!


  1. Very intriguing. A soul mate who want to kill you plus a strong heroine? I am def putting this on my to read list.

  2. It's not very often where you see the love interest try to kill the heroine. It would be better to wait for the sequel first before you read it though, since this book is more about introducing the character's and their back story.


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