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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wolfborn by Sue Bursztynski

Title: Wolfborn

Author: Sue Bursztynski

Publisher: Woolshed Press

Release Date: 12/1/10

Pages: 287

Reviewed by Sabrina

Break the curse or howl forever.

Etienne, son of a lord in the kingdom of Armorique, goes to train as a knight with Geraint of Lucanne. Geraint is brave and kind, a good teacher and master - but he has a secret that he has kept from his family. He is bisclavret, a born werewolf. When Geraint is betrayed, Etienne must ally with the local wise-woman and her daughter, themselves bisclavret, to save his lord. But time is running out. If Geraint's enemies have their way, Geraint will soon be trapped in his wolf form.

And Etienne has his own secret. The decisions he makes will change his life forever . . .

Inspired by a medieval romance, this engaging novel forces us to question everything we thought we knew about werewolves.

My Thoughts

No, Wolfborn is not some teenage-angst, modern retelling of an werewolf folktale, whose male lead has an uncanny resemblance to Jacob Black. Instead, it is a breath of fresh air in YA supernatural romance.

Almost the whole story is told in Etienne's point of view. He is a very strong character that didn't annoy me in the least. In fact, all the protagonists are very likeable. I love that they have this trust and loyalty to each other. Despite their fears, they always push through when there is something they need to do. 

The world of Wolfborn is vividly written. The pacing works perfectly with the mystery and adventure. In total, everything was enjoyable. I might have liked Wolfborn more if Jeanne, the wise-woman's daughter, had a bigger role in the main plot of the story.

Beautiful cover, by the way.

Thank you to Lan and Sue Bursztynski for the awesome signed copy!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! I really did as well and I'm so glad it wasn't an angst ridden teen read. So true that the mythology and world building were incredible. I felt like I was there!

  2. Hm usually not my "cup of tea" (I apologize for my sense of humour, I really do) but I might have to check this out, I'm really one for a character driven story and this does sound interesting.

    It would mean the world if someone would come check out my blog, I'm wildly unpopular(c'est la vie) atm and would love your opinion. I review books and music. Sorry to spam, hope nobody is offended.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I love your page. Since you and Lan liked this book, I may have to give it a chance. New follower.

  4. Thanks for the lovely review, Sabrina, I'm SO glad you liked it! " A breath of fresh air..." ooh, may I quote that? :-) I've put a link on my web site and tweeted. Sherre, it's not yet available in the US, where you live, but you can get hard copy through Fishpnd or ebook either on Amazon or through iBooks. I'd go for iBooks unless you have a Kindle, it's cheaper.;-)

  5. This sounds great! "A breath of fresh air"? Yes, please, I'd definitely be interested in Etienne's story. Great review, and I hope you have a great week!
    Ninja Girl

  6. Lan, thank you again for hosting the giveaway and for your review! I may never have even heard of Wolfborn.

    Sophie, I'll try to visit your site.

    Sue Bursztynski, you can definitely quote from the review! Thank you again, too!

    Sherre and Ninja Girl, I hope you enjoy Wolfborn :)

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