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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Chosen by Sheenah Freitas

Title: The Chosen (The Chosen Chronicles #1)

Author: Sheenah Freitas

Publisher: Red Willow Publishing

Pages: 232

Reviewed by: Sabrina

Kaia’s entire life has erupted in flames after an assassin appears and burns her village down. She’s rescued by a god from another planet who requests her help because she’s the descendant of their last savior. Together with Reeze — the only other survivor from her village and her appointed guardian — they set off on a quest to find the treasures of the gods in hopes of preventing a dire prophesy.

Kaia and Reeze quickly meet the Tueors, a group of people many thought extinct, who are searching specifically for Kaia. Their intention: to protect the truth. As Kaia discovers more about the truth and her family’s past, she also learns of the Tueors’ bloody secret. Will Kaia be the savior the gods have been waiting for? Or will she let the prophesy come true?

My Thoughts

The Chosen is about a girl named Kaia. Her village was destroyed by a fire, along with most of the people in it. She's rescued by a boy named Reeze, another survivor. They find safety within a shrine where they are whisked away by two priestesses. They are sent on a mission to another world, Zinc. They are joined by Catrina and Derek. The story is taken at a slow pace. For the first half of the book, I think it should have been faster. The other half is the one that really gets you going!

I found myself hating and liking Kaia. She doesn't mope around, constantly complain, or take out her frustration/anger/sadness on other people, unlike most heroines (which is a good thing. A very good thing). She's the quiet observer that constantly questions the people around her. I do wish that I could see more emotion in her and for her to act umm...kickass maybe or at least, voice her opinions once in a while? 

There are two love interests, I guess, in The Chosen. Introducing Shawn and Reeze! Shawn is your average nice guy... or is he? Despite his warm demeanor, he is actually a dangerous warrior and considers himself to be the worst. Reeze is the mysterious and serious one. He doesn't talk much at first (and I didn't like him all that much). When he does, it's usually short, curt replies. He tries to eliminate any threat to Kaia and severely punishes those who harm her.

I loved the mythology of the book. The details about the Gods, Luminaries, Aeons and circles fascinated me. All the information clicked into place.


  1. Sounds like a fun book to read - the Gods, Luminaries and Aeons are fascinating for me too.

  2. It was but mostly for the second half of the book. The wonderful parts were there.

  3. Isn't it hard to review a book where you both hated and liked the MC. I find those the worst because you may like the book but there are some aspects that you find infuriating. This does sound like a very interesting book though. Thanks!

  4. I know, right? I had a hard time deciding what to rate this book because of the MC.

  5. Another one I've never heard of. Sounds great actually (well, except the first part being slow). I don't think I've read an MC who's observant/the quietly assessing type in a while. Might have to give it a shot! Thanks!
    Ninja Girl


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