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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Send in the Kids: A Mission Begins by Max Darnell

Title: Send in the Kids: A Mission Begins

Author: Max Darnell

Pages: 150

Reviewed by: Sabrina

Introducing the New Thriller for Young Adults!

In a time when the world's future is more uncertain than ever, two companies look to space to be mankind's saving grace. One of these companies, led by charismatic engineer Jan Empre, champions pure technology, while the other believes in the necessity of human explorers. The catch is that these human explorers are twelve-year olds. Follow Forrest Winston and the rest of the Horizon crew as they embark on a harrowing journey to Mars, risking not only their normal childhoods, but their lives.

My Thoughts

Robon and Omnicure are two companies competing in a mission to Mars. Robon's spacecraft is manned entirely by machines, while Omnicure has 12-year-old kids manning theirs. The kids that were chosen had previously passed numerous tests and are considered the brightest to make it though the selection process. They could also soon be dead. Robon is out to get them. Will these kids stand a chance?

Another case of no showing, just telling. It was the reason why I was not drawn in the first chapters. I wanted more descriptions. I wanted to know about the other characters’ features. I wanted to see some more of the use of the five senses here. I can't get a grip on Forrest. All I know is that he's really smart and he loves baseball. 

Send in the Kids may not be a fun read at first, but when the kids start on the mission to Mars, the story becomes more exciting. It ends with a shocking cliff-hanger that makes you curious enough to read the next book.


  1. I haven't heard of this's got an interesting if very unbelievable premise. I would probably bet on the machines winning!

  2. I'm still shocked that their parents let them go to space, knowing that they might not see their kids in person ever again.

  3. LOL. Yeah doesn't make much sense does it? Oh well, I guess the point of books is to suspend disbelief!


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