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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Derby Scribes 2011 Anthology

Title: Derby Scribes 2011 Anthology

Authors: Christopher Barker, David Ball, Peter Borg, Neal James, Stuart Hughes, Richard Farren Barber, Victoria Charvill, Conrad Williams, Simon Clark, and Jennifer Brown

Publisher: Stumar Press

Pages: 107

Reviewed by Sabrina

An exciting mix of the fantastic, the wonderful, and the frightening by the talented members of the Derby Scribes writing group. Overall it's a versatile and multi-faceted anthology, blending corners of reality with aspects of the fantastical in a refreshing way.

Containing eleven short stories from Scribes Alison J. Hill, Christopher Barker, David Ball, Jennifer Brown, Peter Borg, Richard Farren Barber, Stuart Hughes and Victoria Charvill, plus guest authors Conrad Williams, Neal James, and Simon Clark.

Also featuring an introduction by Alex Davis and art work by Samantha Enyon. The short stories in this anthology include horror, supernatural, contemporary fantasy, science fiction and humour.

My Thoughts

Derby Scribes 2011 Anthology's stories were clever, humorous and a fun blend to read. Almost every short story had a surprising twist that was completely unexpected. The authors had been able to make me laugh, gasp, and smile in just a few pages.

I sort of expected this anthology to be mostly horror since the summary had noted the horror genre and because a few horror authors, such as Conrad Williams, wrote a short story for this anthology. It's actually more of the supernatural and contemporary genre (plus humor). So fans of those, go read this anthology!

The short stories that stuck out the most for me would have to be Dave's Dinosaur which is about an insane camping trip, along with Stump, a short story about a lucky Guinea Pig and Leaving Jessica, a story that was confusing at first, but great. Some others would be The Wake-up Call and Brylcreem and Pipe Tobacco.

I should really fix the labels...

You could buy the Derby Scribes Anthology at Stumar Press or Amazon.

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