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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Pull by Chelsie Shakespeare

The Pull
Title: The Pull

Author: Chelsie Shakespeare

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Release Date: 6/13/11

Pages: 185

Reviewed by Sabrina

Evie Remington had always done what people expected of her. As a result, at twenty-six she finds herself the unhappy owner and manager of a Denver hotel. That is, until deep-rooted memories of a past life and the hidden knowledge of a promise she made in that other lifetime pulls her away from it all. Without knowing where it will lead, Evie sets out on a cross-country journey that will challenge what she believes about life, death, and love.

My Thoughts

Evie has finally had it with her life. Taken by the sudden desire to do something for herself for once, she rides off around the country for some adventure. Along the way, dreams of Bria and Jude, a couple from long ago, come to her. Seeing through the eyes of Bria, she begins to fall in love with Jude. Are these dreams just that-dreams? Could they possibly be a message, or maybe a real memory? 

In the beginning, I already made a connection to Jude and Bria. I felt really strong emotions for them by chapter one and desperately hoped they could have a happy life together again. I liked reading about Evie's journey and her decisions on whether to follow the path her past self had intended, or to go on a different road.

As I got to halfway through The Pull, my interest had waned. I started to pull away, but the events of the novel had begun to get really good towards the end. I loved how everything turned out and some part of me wishes The Pull was longer. For those of you who love sweet romances, and maybe are a bit more on the contemporary side, should pick up this book!


  1. I love sweet romances! Plus I love it when you feel connected to the characters - sounds like an awesome read. Thanks for the review! =)

  2. Like Renu, I love sweet romances too and I really like the sound of this one. Connecting with characters are also a huge part for me, which definitely is a plus! I'm glad it picked back up after slowing down too! I might have to put this on the to-read pile... great review! :)

  3. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my novel!
    -Chelsie Shakespeare


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