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Monday, January 30, 2012

Switched by Amanda Hocking

Title: Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1)

Author: Amanda Hocking

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (originally self-published)

Release Date: 1/3/12 (originally 7/12/10)

Pages: 293

Reviewed by: Sabrina

When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy discovers her mother might have been right. With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - a world both beautiful and frightening, and Wendy's not sure she wants to be a part of it.

My Thoughts

Switched was enchanting and wonderful, with a fun voice from Wendy that kept me captivated... for the first 82 pages. I'm serious. Wendy never should have found out what she was or where she came from. The whole mystery part was the best part of the novel, thank you very much.

Wendy was a great character in the beginning. She seemed like a pretty strong, straight-forward person. But things went downhill when she went along with Finn. The romance between the two was very confusing. I was completely surprised when Finn revealed his feelings because I didn't see any indication before that he liked Wendy back.

However, Wendy's other *cough*better*cough* interactions with Tove and Rhys were interesting to read. Their personalities were clear to me, unlike Finn's. They seemed like the kind of people that anyone would like to hang out or have fun with.

For the overall plot, I have to say that I'm more of an action girl and there wasn't enough of that in the story for me. The ending was too quick and wrapped up. It was so rushed and I had no idea what had happened when I read it the first time.

On the bright side, the previous, and current, covers of the Trylle Trilogy are very nicely done.


  1. I bought this one the other day because I've been curious to see what all the hype is about. Your review seems to be the general consensus. I hope I like it as well.

  2. Aww no! Not enough action but too fast ending? That doesn't sound too promising. ;o Gah, I'm super curious about this one though! I just got to borrow it from a friend and seriously cannot wait to give it a go. I do hope I'll enjoy it! You're right; the new covers are really gorgeous! Great review.

  3. Mixed feelings? Seems like the beginning showed promise and then it went slightly under. I'm always a bit iffy when reading self-published novels, even if they have lots of hype. (Actually, I'm iffy about reading hyped-up books too.)
    That cover is stellar though. The colors are really captivating.

  4. @Lan I really hope you enjoy it more than I did.

    @Rebecca Thank you! I wanted to read this book so much before because everyone was talking about how great this was.

    @Mia Same here! I didn't want to read any hyped-up books at all last year since I expected them to be terrible for some reason. I'm still a bit cautious about them.


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